Poker Software Review – Poker Edge

Poker Edge is an applications application that’s intended to provide you with the advantage over your opponents by learning their playing styles, strengths and weaknesses. So how does it work and is it any good?

Unlike other poker training programs, PokerEdge has a massive database which is attached to over one thousand players and records their game data, for example their dominobet percent of losses and wins and which online poker room they have been employing.

In reality, anybody who enrolls at one of those poker websites that is backed by PokerEdge and plays even just 1 match, may possess data recorded about them that may be accessed by Poker Edge users. By anonymously being able to track information regarding a person’s playing style, and the activities they are very likely to choose, its much easier to ascertain the palm they have and create your own personal playing decisions based upon the gathered facts. Poker Edge provides all this information payable on your playing screen – meaning you do not need to keep flicking between screens to test your opponents.

Additionally, you may also use PokerEdge to track your own game and make improvements to boost your winnings. By giving this mix of opponent’s advice and self-improvement, PokerEdge is a very handy tool for anyone wishing to better their game.

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